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For want of a more interesting introduction, here's a list of websites I like.

Family, Friends & Blogs
Link Description /
My Dad's (rather experimental) personal website.
Kevin Stanley Old friend from Bangor Uni. Kevin is a freelance journalist/public relations consultant.
Martin Eyles Fellow IT geek from St. Paul's, Leamington Spa.
Paul & Nydia Johnson Paul acts as my Latin Link rep in Mexico City, although he actually works for Latin American Mission, its partner organisation in the US.
Steve Tilley A clergyman and all-round cool guy I knew from St. Paul's Leamington Spa (now moved on).
Link Description
Latin Link The UK sending organisation that has found the placement for me here in Mexico.
Milamex The Christian organisation with which I originally came out to Mexico to work in 2005. I was responsible for the re-design and development of this website.
St. Paul's, Leamington Spa My home Church, that is, when I'm in England.
Tech and Apple Sites
Link Description
Joy of Tech Comic strip - "laughter is the best tech support".
Macworld UK Good UK Mac-news website.
Ars Technica Great technology journal.